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So, are you ready to make some changes?

The trajectory of your life – is driven by your decisions today. Your life tomorrow isn’t going to look any different, if you don’t change what you are doing today.You may think you eat well (healthy) but you still feel sluggish and have no energy? You just feel blah!

This is the one Program that is going to move the needle on your health. Not just your daily food choices (which will be life changing) but the future of your health trajectory.Maybe what you have tried before (to manage weight) is not working even if you try eating paleo, keto, are intermittent fasting and exercising like a crazy person. #demon. This was me – even when I was studying Nutrition!

We use this Program to reset your metabolism, balance your minerals, your hormones (sex and stress hormones), your blood sugar and reduce inflammation. We need to help your body be efficient and have all the systems and functions optimal so you can release weight. By resetting your metabolism and balancing your minerals we are correcting the foundations of your health and vitality.

Metabolic Balance is the science of food!

Even as a Nutritionist pre-Metabolic Balance (MB) I thought I was making excellent food choices. When I started MB, I only had to make some small tweaks that have changed my health trajectory and given me so much peace of mind around food choices that are right for me and my body (based on my pathology).

How we respond to different food is completely unique. Metabolic Balance © is based on your pathology – so it is NOT a one size fits all’ nutrition plan.

Learn how to understand what is happening in your body to control your cravings (sugar or salt?) and move away from foods that are not right for you and are causing inflammation (stress in the body).

LINK – Book a Discovery Call https://app.simpleclinic.net/public/diary/index/AAp

Eat food that satisfies you. 

3 meals a day is all you need on this Program.

No silly shakes, supplements or calorie counting.


MB has over 25 years of clinical research with proven success rates supported by physicians and nutritional scientists. 

The Process- Easy Steps 

Step 1 Book your Discovery Call to see if you are eligible. I am looking for clients who are ready to make a change with this easy guided program.

We organise your pathology (36 blood markers) and review your health history and food preferences to receive your easy-to-follow Nutritional Plan.

Step 2 We receive your Meal Plan and map out some great easy food choices based on YOUR plan.

Over 12 weeks we move through 4 phases to learn easy tools and actions to adapt this program to your lifestyle. We discuss meal planning and preparation incorporating 8 core action principles, so weight release is sustainable long term.

This Program is for you if:

  • You feel overwhelmed about what to eat (and think you eat well but still carry weight around your middle)
  • You want to release weight and sustain weight loss long term (no rebound)
  • You want to find out what foods work for you and your body that don’t cause inflammation and flare ups.
  • You have hormonal imbalances, metabolic disorders (diabetic, cholesterol issues) and your pathology markers are out of range. 

Book a Discovery Call https://app.simpleclinic.net/public/diary/index/AAp

Do you want to get your spark back?

Be more resilient to deflect the daily stressors of life.

This new knowledge will empower you to make powerful choices that will support your health and vitality with renewed energy and enthusiasm for life.


Cost of Program – Introductory Offer

3-Month Program 

The full Metabolic Package © cost $1217 


 Personalised Plan – Meal Plan and Food List provided from pathology 

Pathology (36 Markers)

30min Initial Consultation- Coaching (Zoom or In Clinic Visit)

30min Plan Presentation – Coaching (Zoom or In Clinic Visit)

4x 40min Consultations- Coaching (Zoom or In Clinic Visit)


Mineral Mavericks signature Program – ‘’Get Your Spark Back” 6wks 

Payment Plan options available through AfterPay or Ezidebit

6-Month Program 

This full Metabolic Balance Package © cost $2397


All inclusions of 3-Month Package 


A Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) and Consultation with Interpretation + full Protocol

A retest HTMA and Consultation at the end of 6mth period (your second HTMA to check you are moving in the right direction)

An investigation into Gut Function using the GI Map (includes test, Consultation, and interpretation with protocol)

Still unsure? Need more information?

Book a Discovery Call https://app.simpleclinic.net/public/diary/index/AAp

Be guided by me to support you through these changes (that may seem daunting) in a step-by-step process that will have you wondering why you didn’t start sooner. I am here to hold your hand to whole way through.

Let’s Do This!