Functional Testing with H2H Nutrition

You deserve the best that science, nature, medicine and nutrition can offer you & your family.

Functional Nutritional Medicine is a preventative
and proactive approach to your health.

This involves an investigative review of your body’s biochemistry and pathology that may
be the root cause of your condition or the symptoms you may be experiencing.
Symptoms presenting are your body’s’ way of communicating an imbalance – like a ‘red flag’ that really should not be ignored.
Even being relatively symptom-free we encourage you to be proactive and get some key parameters and key health markers checked
(best to review every 6-9 months): it’s a tune-up for your body’s machinery.

At H2H Nutrition we highly value using Functional Testing to dig deeper into your health profile.

Imbalances in the body arise from Deficiencies or Toxicities!

There are 4 ways these malfunctions can arise:-

Nutritional Deficiencies – minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and fatty acids.

A body maintains a delicate balance. Even supplementing with isolated minerals or vitamins creates an imbalance
– especially when the gut is not functioning optimally (absorption/digestion) and the liver is sluggish (detoxification/ excretion of toxins).
We work towards correcting these imbalances and minimal supplementation.

Metabolic Processes Inadequate
– digestion, hormones,
genetic profile.

Environmental Toxicity
– exposure to BPA’s, glyphosphate
(used in farming and fertilisers),
heavy metals (mercury, lead, aluminium, tin).


Overgrowths and Bacterial Imbalances
– Parasites, Bacterial Infections,
Viruses, Dysbiotic Gut Flora.

Below is a list of Functional Tests available @ H2H Nutrition.

These provide a deeper investigation into imbalances related to the body’s 4 malfunctions.

In combination with standard pathology, it is the Functional Tests that provide a more comprehensive guide to dietary, lifestyle and supplement strategies.
If we recommend a particular Functional Test we endeavour to explain why the investment
in a particular screening method supports your wellness journey.

Our primary Functional Test is the HTMA (Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis).

HTMA – Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

The Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis TEST (HTMA) is the most underrated and best Functional Lab Test for the price. The HTMA looks at all of the systems of your body as a whole.

By examining your mineral imbalances the HTMA looks at the deeper underlying root causes, which are keeping you from feeling well again. This lab also helps you discover your heavy metal toxicity and mineral levels.

Because of its price and comprehensive assessment, the HTMA is our personal choice for getting started in Functional Medicine lab testing.

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Biocompatibility 500+ Items

(not to be confused as a Food Intolerance/Allergy Test – see below IgG IgA IgE)

Additional we have success with clients feeling immediate relief with dietary choices when they choose to invest in the Biocompatibility 500+ Items Test.

This lab is another hair sample test that provides you with a personalised analysis of which foods you are causing your body an inflammatory response from a deep cellular level. As a process of elimination, sometimes a minimum of 6 months your body has the capacity to heal and these foods can generally be introduced following this time. From a list of 500+ Food and Domestic cleaning items – wouldn’t you want to know what is causing your body to be ‘reactive’? This is the simplest and most straightforward way to get the results you need to begin making positive health changes in your life (or your children’s).

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To find out more about our “Other Functional Testing”

There are numerous Functional Tests that can be undertaken to fine-tune your health assessment
Healing is a journey and like peeling layers off an onion, each Functional Test is designed to investigate on a deeper level.

At H2H we are careful to choose the Functional Test for your individual needs.