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The Foundations of Our Practice

What is Mineral Balancing and how does it fit into your health journey?

From lots of study, personal experience and addressing various health issues over the past 25 years+ we practice by adopting a holistic approach that incorporates our 5 Pillars to Optimal Health, one pillar being Mineral Balancing.

Foundational Care is setting up your strong foundation which is a key to deep long lasting healing. 

This may mean that to rebuild we need a complete ‘renovation’ – damage that has been ongoing for years may mean laying NEW foundations and rebuilding our bodies from scratch. 

Healing is very individual and takes time- some clients see and feel results within 4 weeks with only small tweaks, others can take longer after years of neglect and putting up with symptoms.

You need to start with a few main bases on your health journey.

The 5 Pillars to Optimal Health

Finding your ideal diet

Everyone is unique. Mainstream marketing may have us believe keto is better? 
Is Paleo for you? Is Gluten Free necessary? Thoughts on grains? It can be so overwhelming when starting out!

Would you like to find out which specific foods are triggering an inflammatory response in your body? We have a Functional Test for that also includes domestic and household products. See more details on our Functional Tests page.

Cravings? Is your biochemistry driving these? Do you have a blood-glucose dysregulation? 
Macronutrient Balance? Are you fuelling your body correctly to sustain your energy throughout the entire day?
Do you know your complex Carbohydrates Vs Simple?  Are you providing your body with enough fibre and prebiotic sources to feed your microbiome.

Low carb diets often limit fibre and there are consequences (mainly for gut microbiome). How can you clean up your diet? Less processed foods? 

Coffee? Alcohol? We may need a whole blog post for each of these. Stay tuned!

Organic? Affordability? Convenience? What should you prioritise?

Mineral Balancing

Minerals are the base of your individual foundation. They are the ‘spark plugs of life” and we need them to function! By investigating your body your minerals are being misplaced is the first step.

Your HTMA (Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis) is your individualised assessment and provides a blueprint, a starting point. 

It is your personal foundational care plan. Minerals are in a delicate balance in our bodies. 

Minerals become unbalanced due to:

  • Deficiencies (diet, absorption issues, environmental exposure etc.) 
  • Toxicities (biochemical reactions – methylation, use of pharmaceutical medications i.e. the pill, heavy metals taking the place of minerals, antagonistic effects i.e. low zinc pushes copper up in the body causing toxicities, minerals not being bioavailable i.e. high Calcium takes Magnesium with it however sometimes it cannot be utilised by the body (especially if your adrenals are not strong). Just to name a few!

The balance of your minerals depends on the strength of your adrenals, your thyroid function, your overall metabolism (not just digestion), biochemical reactions, your hormone balance, blood/glucose balance, digestive issues (stomach acid/enzymes) and more.

Your HTMA is an indication of the exact state of your adrenals. If your adrenals are ‘struggling’ from constantly being in ‘fight/flight’ mode (a direct consequence of modern living, ‘to do lists’ and busy lifestyles) – you may need to consider supporting your adrenals and managing how your body responds to stress. If this is the case, we strengthen adrenals as a focus first before beginning any detoxification strategy.

Minerals impact our adrenals, thyroid function, influence our hormones, can impact our neurotransmitters, play a huge role in our genetic expressions and so much more.

HTMA gives an insight into how well our body is reacting to stress and your adrenal strength.

This is pure biochemistry, an objective indication that provides accountability in your treatment protocol. Through ongoing reporting (we recommend a HTMA every 6 months. This will show where your minerals are tracking. Are you shifting your copper toxicity? Could less Calcium be going into your tissue instead of your bones as a result of strengthened adrenals and improved Magnesium absorption? Are you detoxing your heavy metals?

All of these factors are considered based on results from a Hair Tissue Mineral Balance (HTMA). This comprehensive Functional Test provides the strongest clinically supporting evidence about what is going on in your body on a biochemical level.

Pathology and other Functional Tests can also support investigations here. We find by addressing mineral balance and working on getting these back within a reference range our clients provide the most consistently positive outcome and testimonial.

Heavy Metals also play a role in chronic illness. We investigate safe ways to detox these from your body (by supporting your detoxification pathways and working with ‘binders” to effectively reduce recirculation within the body)

As you get your minerals balanced, it becomes easier for your body to handle pathogens, combat infections, detox heavy metals and many other underlying issues. Symptoms start to resolve.

Minerals and relevant Comparative Ratios (inverse relationship/antagonistic between various minerals are investigated- i.e. Cu/Zn, Ca/Mg, Ca/K will be discussed a lot in future on this blog.  It’s a big area of study and knowledge can be very empowering. 

Future Topics will include- How to balance your 3 Main Minerals (Magnesium/Potassium/Sodium), Copper Toxicity/Zinc Depletion.

Healing your Gut

One of the strongest foundations yet often overlooked is gut integrity. As a result of current research our gut health as a priority can no longer be ignored.

Adequate stomach acid and bile flow is needed for the digestive function to optimally utilise our nutrients. Stress is one factor that reduces the body’s’ natural ability to produce stomach acid. If gut function is compromised our whole body is implicated and pays the price. This is why our body is interconnected and needs to be treated holistically.  All systems are interrelated.

We look at:

  • Bacterial Infections
  • Parasites
  • Absorption issues
  • Digestive Support
  • Leaky Gut- toxins moving across semi-permeable membrane and recirculating.
  • Gut-Brain HPA Axis Connection
  • Microbiome balance- good and bad bacteria
Detoxification Pathways and Liver Support (Adrenals and Thyroid)

We have many (natural) detoxification pathways in our body- our skin, liver, lymph, colon and kidneys. An initial Consultation, a discussion of your symptoms can provide a clue to the most important to start with. The results from a HTMA and pathology can also provide indications. Our liver is constantly bombarded with toxins, sometimes we need to work on improving bile flow and supporting your lymphatic system to assist the body’s’ natural detoxification process. Again, adrenals are a priority here and they need to be strong before any detoxification protocol starts.

It is becoming more mainstream now that we look at limiting toxicity in our environment. These may be negatively impacting our endocrine function, congesting or increasing the burden on your liver. 

Deodorants, Sunscreen, makeup, toothpaste, dishwashing liquids, air fresheners, candles are all just a few examples. 

We encourage our clients to do their due diligence and read labels, check for chemicals, consider swapping to a cleaner product. Your liver will thank you! It’s best not to get overwhelmed when starting this journey.  We can help show you how to take small steps to start.


Emotional Trauma and Healing

One of the most critical steps on your healing journey! Personal development, emotional healing and trauma (childhood experiences) can hold back your healing. Our lymphatic, digestive, immune system can all be compromised and suppressed making it almost impossible to heal from chronic infection. 

Although esoteric to some we suggest considering acupuncture, homeopathy, kinesiology, reiki, EFT, energetic healing to unravel blocks to the healing process. A focus on changing mindset can be equally as important.

In summary, mineral balancing is foundational care. Minerals makeup the matrix and are the spark plugs of life. They are the fuel for the body and allow for strength, structure and function in the matrix.

They are not only fuel for the cells but also act as ‘rebar’ that allow for strength, structure, support when the body needs to withstand extra tension.

Just like rebar has ridges to allow things to adhere, the minerals allow for nutrients to be properly assimilated or not. When mineral sites are lacking, or are deficient the site allows for heavy metals to take place. Mineral balancing needs to be a priority.

Minerals need constant replenishment, so they remain in balance and are a priority as foundational care.

Foundational care is addressing the home triggers, mineral balancing, stomach acid, bile flow, liver, kidney, lymph, bowel, binders (heavy metals), nervous system and mindset.

The body needs nourishment holistically and often nutritional deficiencies arise due to calorific restriction (dieting) and/or limitations on absorption (gut permeability, leaky gut).

Toxicities in our environment can cause havoc and put an extra burden on our liver and detoxification pathways.

Lastly blocks to healing can be emotional. When time and attention is given to these areas and mindset becomes a priority we often see big shifts in healing outcomes. 

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We also have a dedicated Focus Group specifically for Mineral Balancing – “Mineral Balancing and Nutritional Functional Medicine”. This explores more detailed information.

Here is the link- https://www.facebook.com/groups/891472991040507/

We would love to have you on board with us and look forward to sharing our passion in this exciting area of Functional Natural Medicine.

Wherever you are in your healing journey, or if you are considering this as a new strategy always remember healing is very individual and takes time. Be patient and kind to yourself. Success here takes commitment, patience, dedication, perseverance, and trust.