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Most children today are born with significant levels of toxic metals and are also nutritionally deficient. Why is this the case?

1. Most Foods Are Nutritionally Depleted

Agriculture and farming have changed a lot of the years. The main concerns are greater yields per acre of land, better bug resistance, pesticide on plants and longer shelf life of some products. This means nutrition for our children usually takes a back seat.

We are also finding that food is also depleted because more plants are grown on the same soil and unfortunately the trace minerals are not being replaced. Instead, we have land that is being fertilised to stimulate plant growth for our growing food supply needs. As a result, Nutritionists are seeing more and more children develop allergies and sensitivities to everyday foods e.g. gluten and dairy.

2. Most Children Are Malnourished And Therefore Depleted Of Energy

Due to the nutritionally depleted food supply, pollution, stress from modern living, many parents are malnourished. Many mothers of children are deficient in Zinc, Selenium, Vitamin A and D, Omega-3 fatty acid, digestive enzymes etc. These deficiencies are passed across the placenta during pregnancy, resulting in children who are predisposed to health issues.

When parents become malnourished, their bodies also absorb more toxic metals from the air, food and water. This toxic metal exposure is passed directly on to children. These include toxic metals such as Lead, Cadmium, Mercury, Aluminium and Copper. They act as substitutes for the minerals that are in short supply.

In clinic, our functional testing (HTMA Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis) can test if both the mother and child has certain level of toxic metals. If present in the mother, the child is likely to have also.

Common Nutritional Deficiencies in Children

Our food is depleted of much-needed nutrients, kids and adults are eating more processed foods, combined with the fact that deficiencies and toxicities are being passed down with each generation. Nutrients play a big role in supporting the brain and nervous system which in turn effect behaviour and mood.

Common Nutritional Deficiencies in Children’s HTMA results include:

Magnesium is one of the main minerals that kids are lacking these days. Magnesium helps to calm down a stressed nervous system. Many kids in the clinic present with either too high sodium/magnesium ratios or too low sodium/magnesium ratios. This is because their adrenals are overactive or under-active. This leads to aggressiveness, inability to concentrate, and an inability to calm down.

Copper/Zinc balance is another big cause of behaviour issue in children these days. Excess, unbound copper can be overstimulating to the brain and nervous system which creates symptoms like anxiety, mood swings and angry outbursts. In clinic there are many things we focus on to address a Copper imbalance: adrenal health, liver health, Zinc deficiency, impaired gut function, Vitamin A and Vitamin C deficiency to help correct to this.

Toxic Metals Exposure

It is nearly impossible to avoid toxin exposure these days. We are bombarded daily to industrial dumping and manufacturing which unleash metals into our air, food and water. Toxic metals cause a range of symptoms and are hard to remove from your body even if your detox pathways are strong.

Some of the heavy metals we see in children’s HTMA results include:

  • Mercury: found in food including fish and shellfish (especially tuna, shark and other large fish), some vaccines, water, air, fabric softener.
  • Lead: found in batteries cigarette smoke, cosmetics, eating utensils, toothpaste and water supply.
  • Aluminium: is a common element but its use in vaccines, personal care products, and cookware is making people deal with health issues especially pertaining to the nervous system.

All heavy metals can be detected using our functional test (HTMA). HTMA is a non-invasive testing using a hair sample to detect mineral deficiencies, imbalances and toxicities.

A practitioner at Heart2Heart Nutrition can identify which minerals needed to be supported, help reduce toxic metals and work on a protocol to support your overall detoxification in the body. Find out more about our HTMA testing service.

Is it time to get some answers to your child’s health puzzle?

Optimum health is about supporting all pieces of the puzzle. We are essentially one big puzzle which includes your adrenals, gut, minerals, liver and blood sugar, mindset and more. If one piece of the puzzle goes missing, it creates a domino effect and will start to impact other areas of your body.

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