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About Rachel Doherty

I look forward to helping you have
a healthy balanced life.

Hi, I’m Rachel Doherty

I have from an early age always been on a path of exploring health and vitality through Nutrition.

I was fortunate to have a wonderful surreal childhood. A country upbringing in northern New South Wales near the gateway to the rainforests filled with home grown vegetables, freedom, open spaces, a love of horses and many carefree moments.

Fast forward, and after relocating to the city; I dived into corporate life and the many opportunities the city could provide.  Life became a lot more frantic and fast paced.

After juggling city life, day to day living, and living in a toxic environment for many years, my health took a turn. Living with compromised digestive health, symptoms of food intolerances, hormonal and thyroid issues, life had its challenges.

Some of my symptoms included: 

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Brain fog/memory problems 
  • Insomnia/waking multiple times in the night
  • Difficulty holding urine since anti-diruetic hormone is inhibited
  • Inability to lose weight due to insulin resistance 

 Despite these health challenges, I was still able to enjoy life but knew my health could be so much better. My twin sister Rebecca experienced many of these health issues that are largely genetic. We found ourselves constantly talking about nutrition. Many years were spent trying to find answers. Conventional medicine and various doctors didn’t seem to have the answers or make an impact on my health journey.

In 2018, finally some answers and a diagnosis. A functional doctor diagnosed with me for biotoxin/mould illness or CIRS (short for chronic inflammatory response syndrome).  CIRS is usually caused by exposure to mould in a water-damaged building or a mouldy house (years of living in old Sydney rental properties). The underlying cause of CIRS results from a failure of your immune system to create antibodies designed to remove toxins from the body. Over time, mould builds up and causes a myriad of inflammatory based health conditions. Unfortunately, CIRS can spin the immune system out of control. Lowered immunity and chronic stress on the body can take its toll and leads to further infection, lowered libido, skewed hormones and gut issues – all symptoms that characterise CIRS. 

I personally would like to raise awareness of CIRS and the effects on the body. Many people do not realise that they are in fact genetically susceptible to mould illness based on their immune response genes. 

Through our never-ending quest for optimum health and realising we had a strong interest in healing, we both embarked on formal training in Nutritional Medicine. Through my six year degree qualification, I continued to explore and educate myself on the value of real food, looking at root causes and treating the body as a whole. All aspects of health are connected, and it is important to focus on our 5 pillars of health – a clean diet, reduce toxins, balance your minerals, manage stress more efficiently and heal your gut.

Through my own personal experience, my formal qualifications in nutrition and the knowledge I have gained, I feel I can empower you to take action and make significant changes to your health, diet and lifestyle. My approach is a holistic approach identifying root causes and using appropriate functional testing tools to uncover any underlying health issues. Together with my sister Rebecca, we have researched and shared our knowledge and love of nutrition and the 5 pillars of health that has led us to where we are today – helping clients achieve optimum health. 

My approach includes: 

  • Healing your gut to help you absorb and utilise nutrients better. 
  • Healing your liver so you can eliminate toxins better but also process nutrients better. 
  • Working on your adrenals/thyroid/HPA axis so you can deal with stress better and not burn through nutrients so quickly. 
  • Using “food as medicine”. An ideal diet of nutrient dense wholefoods, plant and animal grass-fed foods, probiotics and healthy fats to nourish the body. Nothing processed or artificial. 

Nutrition, eating real food and cooking wholesome meals for my family has been a key passion of mine. When we start nourishing our bodies, our health improves. I believe individualised nutrition plays a big role in helping people achieve optimum health. We all have different biochemistry and our deficiencies and imbalances, both nutrients and minerals, are different based on how we deal with stress, our current diet and that of our ancestors and the amount of toxins we have been exposed to in our environment. 


To see how I have helped many clients achieve better health, please visit our Testimonial page.  

Together with my sister Rebecca, we believe Heart2Heart Nutrition will help you and your family make good health decisions. We look forward to welcoming you into our clinic  to set some realistic goals on how to live your best life yet. 

I look forward to seeing you in the clinic soon.